“Don’t grieve. Anything you love comes round in a different form.” Rumi

I have been working with some consultants in the last few months, they were helping me by designing a new website, and to have more of an ‘on-line’ presence. What I didn’t know, is that some of them had actually sent me the beautiful artwork they did, as a present.

Unfortunately, it went to the wrong address, and neither of us knew about the mistake until it came out in conversation.

I didn’t know about the beautiful present, and they didn’t know about the mistaken address. I felt really sad and disappointed, sad for them that they had put so much effort into giving me something. And sad for myself that I didn’t receive it. As I sat thinking about the frustration and the idea that whoever received it, might just send it back…. I also felt a wave of love. That someone who I don’t know very well could do something so generous and kind. And I realised that the feeling behind the gift was still with me – in fact in the absence of the painting, the object, I could feel even more strongly just what a beautiful gesture it had been.

I hope the person who receives the painting will enjoy it. If only they knew – the real gift was the love behind it…

For Rens and Mark