Where there is love, there is life. Gandhi

I was working with a client and we were talking about the impact of the news: that we are again going into lockdown. He said he felt scared, scared of getting the virus…scared of being ill and alone…scared of the possibility of his work finishing.

As I listened I felt into my own responses to what he said, I recognised all the same anxieties in me. Some of us are facing the awful possibility of our lives as we know them being stripped away, either by illness, or by losing our work, or possibly both.
As I sat with the client, I felt helpless. I thought about the reality that we are each facing into this moment…

And then I felt a wave of love for him, and all his worried-ness and scare. I realised at that moment when all else fails, all we have left is love. Love and care for our friends and colleagues, love and care for our families, and love and compassion for ourselves. I thought about sharing this, and all of my internal messaging about not talking about love, not saying ‘soppy’ things, not revealing any depth of care, all those old messages filled my head for a moment. I decided to say it anyway. He looked at me and pulled a face – like a bored teenager.

And we both laughed. And then he said, ‘You’re right’.